How To: Rock FB Live like a pro in 4 easy steps

Does the fear of looking silly stop you from showing up on FB Live? Do you believe you are not ready? Do you tell  yourself that you haven't got the equipment? Fear that they don't have a message, are not good enough or have anything of relevancy to share?
No fluff training to rock Facebook Live like a Pro:
  • Be Professional: Learn how to add your logo, documents like powerpoint/google docs and be the best version of yourself to your FB Live
  • Reduce Technical Issues: Discover the one piece of hardware you need to reduce the annoying lag that occurs when streaming
  • Get The Tools: discover the best FREE tool for uncovering the right look and feel to your video 
  • Follow Along: simple, step-by-step that will help you create videos that boost your business like never before.

Learn the 4 Steps To Pro FB Live FREE:

What Our Founder Says

Ruth-Ellen Henry, Confident School

“Initially using the tool took me hours to figure it as the training I found online made it complicated, but once I did it set up for my clients took less than 5 minutes”