The Get More Sales™Habits: 
How to
Create Habits To Increase Your Discipline & Productivity
What To Do, When To Do It, To Get More Done
(even if you have no interests in sales whatsoever)

I know how overwhelming it is when you have lot's to do, you work your butt off,  but it never feels like you've accomplished enough? I've been there. And that is why I created...
Get More Sales Habits 

With this 4 day Facebook Live experience you'll get my system to increase discipline & productivity,  which will result in you stopping the overwhelm and getting more stuff done!

Get More Sales™Habits

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Sales people are the most disciplined & productive professionals, because they are results focused, they have to be. So over 4 days we're going to increase our performance using their traits!

Here's How Get More Sales™Habits Breaks Down:

Day One


no sales respect

In day 1 we will be going through how to be more resilient, tools we can use now to make sure we can show up in full, everyday! 

Day Two


Never mistake activity for achievement. Your performance is a measure of your success which is highly dependent on processes. It's time to learn the six traits you must acquire in order to reach your peak.

Day Three


Smashing through the challenges that come up through asking high performance questions of yourself.

Day 4 (BONUS)


During the bonus training we will recap and I will talk you through the final key you need to unlock the Get More Sales Habits and uplevel time and time again.

Ruth-Ellen Henry, Get More Sales Coach

Hey, I'm Ruth-Ellen, a 7 figure business development manager-turned-sales coach who works with female coaches, consultants and service-based mission-driven entrepreneurs to help them increase their sales.

Bonuses You Get in Get More Sales™Habits

Never again feel frustrated with yourself for not doing work that doesn't give you the results. Over 4 days of we're going to delve deep so you get those results through acquiring new habits, you want with bonuses worth over £69!


The Get More Sales™8 Ways To Be More Productive & 5 Things To Avoid PDF (worth £19)

Keep track of what you need to do and not do

Be super productive with this neat 1 page pdf for you to keep forever


The Get More Sales™Habits 1 -Pager Planner (Worth £29)

Focusing on that one goal and one step to get you that big result

Imagine if you could use one sheet for that day then when you're finished file it or throw it away? Imagine no is here as a bonus item 


Get More Sales™Habits Affirmations (Worth £21)

Affirmations that will challenge your thinking

The more positive words you speak over your life, the more you are planning for successful habits 

Roundup Of Get in Get More Sales™Habits

Group Coaching

4 Facebook live stream experiences lasting 40 minutes each to deliver actionable content that will help you get more productive than ever before. 

Value £197

Session Support

Access to a safe place to be amongst other people with the same intentions. Interact daily with me to ask questions, stay accountable. Support you want, support you get!

Value £97


8 Ways To Be More Productive & 5 things to Avoid * Daily 1 page action plan *  Habit affirmations

Value £69

Get More Sales™Habits


SAVE  = £66


VIP  30 day one-to-one  £2170 w/ Bonuses

Get More Sales™Habits

Today Only £297 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I can't keep up?

The replays will be available for 48 hours after each training sessions, I am forcing your hand, so you get the results you want. 

Is this a quick get rich scheme ?

No. This is a focused, put the hours, get some new habits sessions scheme. I don't believe in get rich schemes. 

I have taken sooooo many courses and have nothing to show for it. Is this one going to collect dust too on my digi shelf?

Firstly the reason why you have sooo many courses is because you have identified you need help, that is great. The reason why you didn't complete them is because you didn't have the right habits in place. This isn't a course, this is coaching, once you have these new habits in place those other courses will be a doddle to complete. 

It takes 30 days to acquire a new habit, why are you trying to do it in 4 days who are you genie from Aladdin or something?

Sales people don't have 30 days, they either hit the ground running or they are out on their ear. That is why I am teaching this in 4 days from a sales professional perspective not a general "productivity guru" perspective. Plus with all the bonuses I believe you can do this! If you really want more, then pick the VIP package

Scrolled Down To The Bottom Huh?

If this live experience is speaking to you, and exclusive private access to me, my support, guidance, hand-holding and arse-kicking for the next 30 days is EXACTLY what you need to make you into a get more sales habit ninja then let's chat if you still have questions....👇👇 👇👇

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