Self-Mastery For Dyslexics ™:  
Where Achieving Goals & Being Productive Is The New Normal

I  know how disappointing it is when you work for hours trying to complete your work until it's perfect, sometimes shelving ideas because it isn't perfect, that is why I created ...Self Mastery For Dyslexics™

I started Dyslexic Success four years ago when I saw people talking about the issues with dyslexia and focusing on reading and writing like that is all dyslexia was about. Since then I have delivered workshops to over a 1000 people with dyslexia. I noticed a trend in the help needed that I can't offer in workshops, that is why I developed....
Self Mastery For Dyslexics™

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Who Is Self-Mastery For Dyslexics™ For:

? Action-taking people with dyslexia who realise they have a big vision but also realise they want to see that vision be realised sooner rather than later
? People that realise they are more than there dyslexia and are willing to show up and take action, even if they are scared
?  Multi-passionate/Purpose driven  peeps who not only want to  follow their passions, but who want to make other people’s lives better (including their own)

Who I've Worked With

Here's How Self-Mastery For Dyslexics™ Breaks Down:

Week One 

Setting Your Goals, Your Real Goals

Stop doing what you think you should be doing and start doing the things that matter. Let's drill down on your specific goal for the area's of your life you want to master!

? How to stay high when achieving your goals so you don't feel like chucking it in straight away and going back to "safe"

? How to draw your roadmap to success so when you come across an obstacle that could potentially set you back, so you have the power to drive through it.

? Group intensive session where I coach you on your specific goal so you have the clarity you need to move forward!

Week Two

Grabbing Your Accountability Partner & Being a Reward Master

We are going to put in the system so you have that accountability partner for success. It's time to buddy up with someone that is going to hold you accountable to your 

? What type of accountability you need & how to identify it believe it or not, you are not driven by the same thing.
? Let's get specific with the rewards so that you know exactly how to manage you dopamine levels and you never ever feel like you are burnt out 

? Week 2 - Group intensive session where I put each of you in the compassionate seat & coach you on whats happening with your accountability, rewards and what you want to focus on nailing right now

Week Three

Never having to figure out what you already know again, create processes

We will be focusing on a really simple process that helps you complete tasks with ease, delegate tasks to others without them messing it up ?, so you have time and energy to do the other things you love

 ? Week 3 - Group intensive session where I put each of you in the compassionate seat & coach you on whats happening with your processes and what you want to focus on nailing right now

Week  Four
(Release of Your Bonus Content)

Making sure you are clear on your next steps

I know our processing needs differ, but I also know sometimes we need to process what our next steps are before we jump into our next adventure. By now you would of set up a clear goal, achieved it and 10x your productivity. Now let's check in and see what else you need!

Who I am

Dyslexic Success Founder 

I found out I was dyslexic 4 years ago so started the network to help others. It has now grown to 450 + people so I co-organise  monthly events


My specialist is in sales, I believe selling our values & ideas start & end with confidence. I have sold over 7 figures working with companies so really believe this is the truth!


I have a teenage son with Autism, I don't play around when it comes to encouraging him. Because I know he is more than a diagnosis. Just like you are!

Ruth-Ellen Henry,
Confident School

 On this laser focused group coaching program Self-Mastery For Dyslexics™ I will impart my coaching knowledge, 20 plus years experience of being focused & productive, to help you implement strategies so you can go from an inconsistent ebb and go to a  flow of  results 

Rounding Up What You Get in Self-Mastery For Dyslexics™

Never again feel frustrated with yourself for not doing work that doesn't give you the results.  4 weeks of focused work so you can bring in your results you want


4 Weeks Of  Group Coaching

Weekly group video calls to help you stay on track

 4 breakthrough sessions weekly , to help you navigate to your GOALS from a fellow dyslexic who has overcome challenges and has coached others on this! Because you need proven strategy plus support. These calls help you to really unearth and deal with your challenges head on.

“When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval. Putting a voice to your soul helps you to let go of the negative energy of fear and regret.”― Shannon L. Alder


Results Focused Strategies

Focusing on that one goal and one step to get you that big result

You don't want any result, you want a specific result first, but you need to focus on the right things, to see the abundance you want

Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them. Jack Canfield


Easy Actionable Bite Sized Customised Action Plans

Super easy to follow, super easy for you to complete

Your customised action plan will be focused on a specific result.  At the end of each week we will dive deeper in our group coaching session  see how you implemented this action plan. And then we will focus on your needs. Just bullet points of your actions, straight no chaser. Because there is nothing worse than talking through stuff that needs to get done with no actions behind it, so at the end of each session you will get one!

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. Earl Nightingale


Access To Me When You Need It

Super easy to follow, super easy for you to complete

24/7 Access to me via our private Facebook Group, to help coach & train you. With a service level agreement time from me to reply within 24 hours. 

Support you want, support you get!

Limited  (expiring soon)

Self-Mastery For Dyslexics™Coaching
(Worth £297)

A private thirty minute one to one coaching session (which is recorded for you to play back) that you can redeem within the next 5 weeks, yes I know it's so awesome ?

Value £297 (FULL PAY ONLY)

Self-Mastery For Dyslexics™ Affirmations (Worth £21)

 The more positive words you speak over your life, the more you are planning for success. These affirmations are specific for people with dyslexia. 

Value £29 (FULL PAY ONLY)

Self-Mastery For Dyslexics™ 1 -Pager Planner (Worth £29)

Imagine if you could use one sheet for that day then when you're finished file it or throw it away? Imagine no more...i It's time to level up to be the powerful person you was meant to be ?

Value £22 (FULL PAY ONLY)


If you follow the steps and show me the homework but still get no results, I will refund 100% of your money 

30 Day Guarantee

TOTAL VALUE = £2773  (Including  Bonuses)



One Payment of £999

Two Payments of £550

Self-Mastery For Dyslexics ™:

 Today Only £999

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See What Some of My Past Clients Are Saying:


These strategies are inspiring and really helped me to break down the tasks I have been putting off for months (years really)!

AlexPersonal Trainer 

Ruth-Ellen just nails it, she listens and gives me great tips on how I can take actionable steps. I know what to do now and how to do it, without all the other distractions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if i can't keep up?

But what if you can? You will have an accountability buddy, four weeks of coaching and tools that will help you to unlock that dyslexic advantage. Never underestimate your ability to overcome obstacles, you have already overcome so much already!

Am I really going to be able to get coaching?

Yes, I will coach you through some of the challenges  that come up for you so you can overcome them. The group coaching format is really effective as  this is an environment  that cultivates inspiration as well as a positive vibe, over 4 weeks you just get to be you and never have to explain  why your mind thinks like that?

I have taken sooooo many courses and have nothing to show for it. Is this one going to collect dust too?

Firstly the reason why you have sooo many courses is because you have identified you need help, that is great. The reason why you didn't complete them is because you had blocks stopping you. I will uncover those, clear those so even those old dusty courses will give you the return you desire. Plus this isn't a course, this is coaching!

Why is it  only 4 weeks, what's the rush I like to take things slow?

Let me be straight up, I am not the touchy feely type who will give you fluff and then a bit of strategy. This means my sessions get straight to the point. You will have an action plan that you will work on with checkins every 7 days and access to me within the group

Scrolled Down To The Bottom Huh?

If these breakthrough sessions are speaking to you, and exclusive private access to me, my support, guidance, hand-holding and arse-kicking for the next 4 weeks is EXACTLY what you need to make your business into a consistent client and cash generator, then let's chat ?? 

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