Selling With Confidence™:  
How to be bolder, braver & more focused

I  know how disappointing it is when you work your butt off and get little to no results? I've been there. And that is why I created...Selling With Confidence™

Offline I used to sell millions. But when I transitioned from offline to online the numbers were near to nothing. So I had to go to the drawing board and really reverse engineer my processes. I don't want you to go through the drought I went through, so I created a coaching programme 
Selling With Confidence™

Who Is Selling With Confidence™ For:

* People that have not been formally trained in sales and who have just started their own business selling their own product or services to other businesses or individuals, face-to-face, online or over the phone
* Small business owner who want to equip their team members – who’ve never sold before and are intimidated by selling – with the skills and frameworks to grow their revenue
* Multi-passionate/Purpose driven entrepreneurs following their passions, who want to build a sustainable business so they can make other people’s lives better

Who I've Worked With

Here's How Selling With Confidence™ Breaks Down:

Week One 

Helping Your Soul End Clients  To  Understand What You Are Selling!

Delving right in to fine tuning your traffic stopping message so you position yourself as the authority you are, so your people know HOW you can help them. 

Week Two

Helping Your Soul Clients To See The Value In What You Do!

People need to see the value of  what you do to their specific situation (it has to be transformational). So let's create a process so they can follow you on automation. Depending on where we are, we will create a premium package that will help YOU attract, engage and convert your ideal client through the work you have done in week one.

Week Three

Helping Your Soul End Clients To Trust You

We will be focusing on a really simple process that helps you gain trust, generate revenue on automation and leads them to your core offer.

Week Four

Helping Your Soul Clients believe they can do it

We will be focusing on connecting to the people you are really trying to get the attention of, with ease. You will be implementing results driven tactics.

Week Five 

They Need To Know They Will Be Better Off Then When You First Met Them

There is nothing worse than implementing a a program and it just doesn't get results, no one wants that and that is your soul clients biggest fear!

Week  Six
(Plus Bonus Content)

Helping Your Soul Clients To Want & Need Your Solutions

79% of sales don't close  because of lack of relationship building. Throughout week three to now, we would have been working on building up the intention so your soul end clients will pick up what you're putting down.  We will create your email sequences using sales copy that connects with your soul end clients, this is all about nurturing the relationship to serve your ideal clients via email. Launch like a badass! Plus the bonus content will be released to help you consistently sell with confidence

Ruth-Ellen Henry,
Confident School

 On this laser focused program Selling With Confidence™ I will impart my 7 figure generating knowledge, 20 plus years experience to help you implement strategies so you can go from an inconsistent ebb and go to a  flow of soul end clients

Rounding Up What Your Get in Selling With Confidence™

Never again feel frustrated with yourself for not doing work that doesn't give you the results.  6 weeks of focused work so you can bring in your results you want


6 Weeks Of  One -2-One Coaching

Weekly calls to help you stay on track

 6 breakthrough sessions lasting 120 minutes each, to help you navigate to your GOALS from a 7 figure cash generating coach! Because you need straight strategy plus support. These calls help you to really unearth and deal with your challenges head on.

“When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval. Putting a voice to your soul helps you to let go of the negative energy of fear and regret.”― Shannon L. Alder


Results Focused Strategies

Focusing on that one goal and one step to get you that big result

You don't want any result, you want a specific result first, but you need to focus on the right things, to see the abundance you want

Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them. Jack Canfield


Easy Actionable Bite Sized Customised Action Plans

Super easy to follow, super easy for you to complete

Your customised action plan will be focused on a specific result. Following day 7 we will jump back on a call to see how you implemented this action plan. And then we will focus on the next goal. Just bullet points of your actions, straight no chaser. Because there is nothing worse than talking through stuff that needs to get done with no actions behind it, so at the end of each session you will get one!

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. Earl Nightingale


Access To Me When You Need It

Super easy to follow, super easy for you to complete

24/7 Access to me via email/FB messenger is available to you with a service level agreement time from me to reply within 24 hours. 

Support you want, support you get!

Limited to the first 3 (expiring soon)

Actual Sales Training

A private membership area to access your bonuses, ask me questions and practice your sales techniques for actual feedback, yes I know it's so awesome


Half Day Intensive

  A  private half-day intensive with me, to do the work you need to do that perhaps you've been putting off or just don't know how to, let's fix that

Value £1997 (FULL PAY ONLY)

Funnel Hacking

Private power sales funnel session with me, where I help you to create a funnel, optimise your site for conversion, plus we work on your email sequence 

Value £2999

Get More Sales Habits™

4 Day Video Course to acquire sales traits, understand what a sales process really is, gain some methods to actually enable sales to occur without you pulling your hair out. All this will give you the end to end process to move forward with ease and blast through the things that have been keeping you going round in circles. With daily planner, productivity infographic & affirmations to keep your head in the game

Value £297


If you follow the steps and show us the homework but still get no results, I will refund 100% of your money 

30 Day Guarantee

TOTAL VALUE = £8795 (Including  Bonuses)



One Payment of £3997 (save £791)

Four payments of £1197

Selling With Confidence™

Normally £4997 - Today Only £3997

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See What Some of Our Customers Are Saying:

Melanie WalkerHealth Coach

Overwhelm kept on taking over. I went on other coaching programs and just felt I wasn't being heard amongst the noise. I would get likes on questions I asked in the group coaching programs instead of solid direction and then I would feel lost and unfocused. These sessions really got me focused and action orientated. Ruth-Ellen helped me hone in on what I wanted. I made 17k over 60 days.

Helen Shaw Web Designer

I did everything the "gurus" said, posted on social media like a crazy person, kept on telling my message to my "ideal client" but it didn't work. So I was skeptical as to what value this program would bring and didn't want to waste any more money or time. But I am glad to say I was wrong, the clarity, focus and hand holding was exactly what I needed. Over 30 days I brought in 7k, it was easy with the strategies Ruth-Ellen showed me!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if i don't have an email list, am I going to have to spend thousands of pounds on ads?

In all honesty, it depends how quickly you want things to happen. At the end of the sessions you will have a list you can re-market to. Your list will come from your inbound and outbound marketing activities

Is this a quick get rich scheme, because I really don't trust all this online stuff?

No. This is a focused, put the hours, get some breakthrough sessions scheme. I don't believe in get rich schemes. You will be provided with plug and play campaigns that work! You'll be speaking to a real person too 

I have taken sooooo many courses and have nothing to show for it. Is this one going to collect dust too?

Firstly the reason why you have sooo many courses is because you have identified you need help, that is great. The reason why you didn't complete them is because you had blocks stopping you. I will uncover those, clear those so even those old dusty courses will give you the return you desire. Plus this isn't a course, this is coaching!

Why is it  over 6 weeks, what's the rush I like to take things slow?

Let me be straight up, I am not the touchy feely type who will give you fluff and then a bit of strategy. This means my sessions get straight to the point. You will have an action plan that you will work on with checkins every 7 days and access to me on email in between. 

Scrolled Down To The Bottom Huh?

If these breakthrough sessions are speaking to you, and exclusive private access to me, my support, guidance, hand-holding and arse-kicking for the next 6 weeks is EXACTLY what you need to make your business into a consistent client and cash generator, then let's chat  

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