Want 10k Months Or Something Better?

Sales is fun, it's where you deliberately build real relationships & add value to another persons life and in return for all that juicy value you get paid. Let us help you to generate that confidence to make sales more consistently, be relational & cause epic transformations in peoples lives

The truth is we may not get on, our values may not be aligned, either way it's ok, we are here to upserve  you not to sell to you, so book you no obligation call & find out either way

Check off the 9 key easy questions that will help you to discover whether you are on the right path to consistent sales

What's Your Main Focus in Your Business Right Now?

Want To Close More Sales?

Discover how to ​qualify and close more sales

  • How to never come across as salesy
  • That one EXTRA thing you can do to increase trust, credibility and sales
  • Uncover what exactly you need to say to the I can't afford it excuse plus how to handle the other top 2 objections

Want More Competence?

​Book a sales strategy session

  1. Do your current sales number suck big time?
  2. Would you like a lot less busy and a lot more sales?
  3. Do you often feel like jacking it all  in when people say no to your offers?

Then it is time to stop p****** your life away, it's time to stop doing tasks that don't give you the return on investment and it's time to start making some money!

Want To Master Activities?

Looking to increase your sales daily?

  • Learn the intelligent sales activities that will get your pipe filled up with dreamy suspects who turn into prospects.
  • Sell with Confidence Daily Using Social selling in combination with other techniques that lead your prospect into the sale
  • How to use social platforms like LinkedIn to leverage your authority and use systems to follow up on leads

Want Consistent Revenue?

Discover how to get 5 figure months with ease

  • Discover the winning mindset you need so the word no makes you laugh instead of cry (nothing to do with affirmations) it's time to win every day
  • How to use landing pages and sales funnels and why the right systems can help you generate the right leads (no more I can’t afford this peeps for you). I will show you live the exact funnel to do this and it will save you at least 4 hours a week.
  • One step-by-step strategy you can implement right now in your business for immediate results - without all that busy work you're doing right now.

Want More Productivity?

​How to Get Sales Faster by Accelerating Your Progress ​

  • The Best Way To Cultivate Resilience
    Learn how to BOUNCE back like an elastic band so that rejection slides off you like oil
  • The Recipe To Saving Time
    Use the exact tools I use with my clients so they have less overwhelm and more time to watch Netflix (without guilt)!
  • The Quickest Way To Get More Done. We are talking about neuroscience baby! Jump on in and find out how into your progress.

Improve Communication?

Learn your communication style in 30 seconds or less

  • How to have better conversations with your ideal clients by knowing the 8 different communication styles I have pen named 'Maverick'
  • Now spend more time serving and less time convincing ideal clients to like you through the recommended resources that work with your 'inner Maverick' style rather than against it 
  • Know the exact communication preference that will help you stay at the top of mind of your clients (and no I am not talking about email, or what social media platforms, that is not deep enough)

Want More Appointments?

Discover how to get more appointments.

  • Why you need to focus on the big I to take your clients to the next level
  • The tools you can use to identify where your leads buying intentions are
  • The steps you need to implement in order to move forward 

Overcome To Objections?

Close more sales without being pushy!

  • The easy 5 steps to overcoming objections which is win-win for everyone
  • The exact thing you need to change when in order to improve close rates
  • Why this one thing framework will help you and your dreamy client go the distance

Want More Info?

sales peak

Read our sales peak blog

  • How to leverage competitor insight and see what social media channels are helping them to drive traffic to their website
  • The complete end to end system to acquire a customer and then to actually delight them so they shout & rave about you from the rooftops
  • Plus much, much more...

We believe that sales starts and ends with confidence, we equip our clients with the tools to be gain that confidence to sell, so they take imperfect action daily and see sales in their business consistently

Ruth-Ellen, founder of Confident School

We live in a world which is so fast paced that right now as you read this another advancement in technology has been discovered. Someone else is pushing their agenda in your email or Facebook inbox. It can be exhausting trying to keep up with what you "should" be doing, what you "should" be learning and what you "should" be earning. All this should is full of judgement and other people's opinions and can really take a toll on a persons ability to show up, aka be confident consistently.

Welcome to Confident School, the sales training and sales coaching company where we equip (not fix) you with the tools to unleash your inner Maverick & generate sales so you go from exhausted to energetic. Because there is no transformation without implementation. Learn aligned driven, results focused strategies, because let's face it, life is too glorious to be spending every waking minute trying to earn your coins.

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