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How To stay on top  of your emails without losing your sanity!

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The system is that there is no system. That doesn’t mean we don’t have process. Apple is a very disciplined company, and we have great processes. Process makes you more efficient. –Steve Jobs

You have been gifted with the same 24 hours that everyone else has been gifted with, so you do have time!  This is why processes are so important:

When you say you don’t have time, you really haven’t finished your sentence….

You don’t have time to waste on things that appear complicated (you would rather outsource)

You don’t have time to waste doing things that bore you (you would rather spend time with loved ones or would rather watch Netflix)

You don’t have time because you don’t see it as a priority right now!

Here’s the thing. You must do things today that others won’t do so you can do things tomorrow that others won’t have access to! 

So set up complicated things with ease once and then forget it. I add people to my email list daily with the processes I have in place. An email is priceless…

The lifetime value of a customer average Starbucks customer is over £20,000 and you are not charging £5 for your services (if you’re we should really talk lol) so just imagine how much the lifetime value for your customers will be.

Tesco, Sainsburys & Waitrose have a loyalty scheme so that they can remarket to you via email, they know the value

Sort out your biz so you have more of a life, build the lifestyle you want.

But please quit saying you don’t have time...

Automation, automation, automation, it’s the way people like Richard Branson make it look easy.

Your story is unique but your struggle isn’t, every struggle you have gone through is not unique just to you, everyone has struggled with time, doubt etc. that s what keeps us connected as humans.

The 3 ways processes help you complete work faster;

Processes save time – By developing repetitive elements in your work for reuse

Processes reduce errors – By allowing you to consistently improve small packets of work

Processes make it easy to hand off work to others – By creating a roadmap and instructions for others to follow

Today we are going to focus on having a process for email. 

Why email? Because a time management and productivity expert once told me that emails are the biggest organisational challenge. So let’s simplify your daily tasks by creating some processes so the challenge becomes an opportunity

With email challenging you to make decisions, some of the features of Sanebox

Response tracking – You can set it up to send a reminder to yourself to follow up people that you sent emails to
Snooze Folder – drag emails t this folder and Sanebox will place it back in your Inbox when it’s convenient for you.
Tony Robins, Hiten Shah are just some of the avid users of Sanebox (ok this isn’t a feature, but you have to admit you can’t go wrong by modelling people who demonstrate excellence).

Step 2 – Use The 5D email method to deal with the decision you need to make when you open each message.

Discard = Delete
Delegate = Forward
Do = Reply
Deter = Do it later
Defer = unsubscribe

If you subscribed to Sanebox this 5D helps with the do it later scheduling so you get a reminder

Step 3 – Allocate specific times to check your email and have your out of office message on

That is it, I don’t want to bombard you with too many new applications so let me know how you get on. If you want an alternative solution, then check out Mashable’s inbox zero post

We only have two more days to Complete Projects Faster and if you still have the Get Sales Faster infographic on your wall then you will know the next couple of days are game changers!

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