Not Selling Because You Don’t Believe? #sales

Are you planning for failure, rather than success? l love you, but this is a serious question.

Are you not selling because you really don’t believe in what you’re selling? That is the only reason I can think of as to why you won’t sell. Let me break down my thinking for you.

When I started Dyslexic Success I had a vision of a peer to peer network that would help each other be successful. My vision was to inspire through collaborative thinking, teamwork and partnerships. Initially, I was super excited, I managed to gather over 80 highly intelligent minds. I couldn’t wait to promote the next event to help people to get things done. I wanted to continue uplifting my new found tribe, so I started the Celebrated Hub as a place to help people with Autism, Dyslexia Dyspraxia to uplevel. My vision was for them to learn skills and then sell their skills. I started XavieTime to teach digital skills to that exact community. But I had to battle against partners and customers that wouldn’t pay for the work I done on time or at all. So I had to pay out of my own pocket the dyslexic freelancers…I won’t even go deep about the ex-dyslexic business partner

Unsurprisingly along the way, my vision got blurred with my insecurities of inadequacies as a newly diagnosed dyslexic. My doubts made me let other dictate the narrative and turn my vision into something else. It wasn’t my vision, I no longer believed in what I set out to do.

It’s funny because the majority of the people that planted those seeds of doubts don’t even come to the meetings, never add value to the community, never lend a helping hand unless they see an opportunity to pitch their business. I accept full responsibility for even entertaining those people.

I want to get back to that vision. I AM going back to that vision. This time I am not asking for permission. There are people that want to uplevel and those are the people I am serving. Everyone else that isn’t interested in that should be quiet, because if you even look in my direction I will Ryu your arse (YES from streetfighter, it used to be my nickname).

I will no longer let people with bad intentions give people with dyslexia a bad name. I will no longer stand for people that talk about our problems but never want to help solve it

I am emotionally intelligent enough to I know I can’t control other people’s action, only my own. So I AM back to selling, selling what I believe is going to help impact the world. Going back to my vision of helping people that want the help AKA are willing to invest in themselves. If you have a problem with that then feel free to leave my page, my groups and my communities and unfriend me!

I didn’t sell £120 million pounds worth of new business by luck, it was because I believed! So if you believe in what you are selling you will sell without thinking you’re being salesy. But make sure that you are selling your vision, not someone else’s version of it. Because I love you and know, it’s your vision and the belief that comes with it that will totally change your sales game!


Imperfect Action Sales Strategist

P.S Want to be unapologetic with your vision then I suggest you start with being an unapologetic you!