How To Conquer The Inner......

Start to learn how to be in control of the internal thought processes that guide your emotions, habits, and behaviours

?  Interrupt your thoughts and patterns, so you don't work on autopilot 

?  8 affirmations and 8 afformations to master your mindset

?  Recite the words that bring you in alignment to your intentions.

Affirmations strengthen us by helping us believe in the potential of an action we desire to manifest.  
A great way to turn an affirmation into an ever more powerful tool is to construct it in the form of a question. This is called an afformation.  Afformations leave more room for the subconscious mind to build on the positivity of the question posed. You don't have to even find the answer, the subconscious mind will find evidence and you would have reinforced the message with the affirmations you recited earlier, BOOM ??!

Self-Mastery is all about training yourself to be in self-control. Buddha & Paulo Coelho both agree that  if you conquer yourself, then you can place yourself in the position to conquer the world!

Ruth-EllenCoach & Trainer