How to Close 80% of Your Calls......

Even If You Haven't Had Any Sales Training!

  • How to never come across as salesy
  • That one EXTRA thing you can do to increase trust, credibility and sales
  • Uncover what exactly you need to say to the I can't afford it excuse



Stop beating yourself up & learn what to do about it!

* Discover how to overcome the dreaded I can't afford it

* Step by Step framework for taking your potential client on a journey

*Plus, Free admission into my own Facebook group where you can pick my brain about sales (I totally love sales, the info is free the implementation is not ).

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With the landscape of sales being one that derives from vanity metrics in the world of marketing it is easy to lose our way.  This guide will help you to make sure you're on the right track so you can win more business

Ruth-EllenCoach & Trainer