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Get More Sales without Being 'Salesy'

Get More Saleswith Ease

I know how disappointing it is when you work your butt off and get little to no results? I've been there. And that is why I created...Get More Sales™ with Ease

Over the 3 months you'll get 1:1 coaching coupled with my sales & marketing system to increase your energy, time & revenue.  This will result in you having the tools to making five figures, whether that is per month or per year is up to you! Join below to...

Get More Sales

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This 1:1 Coaching Program is for you if:

✔️ You're  constantly battling with your MIND to take action and you keep getting frustrated with things that don't bring you results

✔️ You are multi-passionate & find yourself JUMPING from one strategy to another, to one business idea to another, all the time. You have many ideas for strategies, businesses and have a bucketful of desires & goals 

✔️Your doing all the things the GURU said you should, but your ideal clients aren't magnetised to you even though you have the PERFECT solution

✔️You want to follow a strategy that WORKS, but you don't want to be the same as everyone else, and you certainly don't want to have to spend your whole life on Social media!

Here's How Get More Sales™ With Ease Breaks Down:

Week One 

Rock, Dominate & Be The Authority!

To make sure you're performing at your highest level, you need to step outside of your comfort zone regularly.  Who are you? What are you doing to step outside of your comfort zone and generate more confidence?  You deserve a life where you know your worth and are unapologetic about it! This first week is all about getting in the zone of YOUR genius so you can do that!

Week Two

Cash In The Bank - What To Do & When!

Sales people are the most disciplined and productive so we are going to 10 x your productivity and really find out what you can keep and what you need to throw away when it comes to your daily sales tasks. We will be setting up your  4 stage sales on demand system.

Week Three

Why You &  Why You Deserve This!

Delving right in to fine tuning your magnetic sales messages so you position yourself as the authority you are, optimise this on all your channels.  Powerful you vs you session of uncovering what is really stopping you from owning your crap.  What numbers you are trying to hit and what that looks like in terms how many people you need to be engaging with on a daily basis? What is your goal? It is time to really focus on your clients biggest problem they are willing to pay for! Let's leverage your time to make it happen without you wasting any more time!

Week Four

Content That Converts Into Sales - Be An Authority

Create a brand that people understand & start being more visible. From posting engaging posts, being on the right platforms, looking at your sales funnels and getting your brand out there and being seen as a thought leader, this week is all about creating that content + being seen + heard.

why people don't buy

Week  Five

Sales processes that lead to Sales! Get Automated 

Discovery calls are fugly, we will totally change your sales game with this approach (which 79% of people don't practice). All this week we are implementing sales processes that lead to sales conversations which are ideal for YOU (after all that is the point of marketing).  We will be focusing on connecting to the people you are really trying to get the attention of, with ease.  This week we are focused on implementing results driven tactics that give us the intel to upscale and downscale. We will also be going over some Sales Training 4 U™sale scenarios.

sales peak

****Check in  with your numbers****

Week Six

Get Automated Part 2 - Optimising or Creating Your Delicious Premium Package!

This week let's create a premium package that will help YOU attract, engage and convert your ideal client through the work you have done in the previous 4 weeks

BONUS: Learn the framework to increase sales conversions on your videos with your bonus access to The Confident Speaker (worth £97)

This week we will jump back on a call to see how you implemented this action plan. And then we will focus on the numbers that matter!

premium sales package

Week Seven

We have your messaging, we know your goals, created your package, we have an attraction go...

This is where I give you a simple sales growth challenge that will help you stay focused. All you need to do is implement this ONE strategy from the Ultimate Sales Campaigns™ library.  Get comfortable with showing up and the only way for that to happen is to use this ONE effective strategy!

Week Eight & Nine

Building on Your Content  + Connections

Using the gift of imperfect action we continue working on the things that matter including increasing your delivering your offers without feeling queasy

Week Ten & Eleven (BONUS)

Reinvesting Your Return & Final Income Check In

More lead magnets, upsells, bounce rates,  do you need to be driving more relevant conversations? Perhaps you need some alternative copy?  Do you need something to build up your database of ideal customers...let's get to it!  Plus we will be analysing what's working and leaving thing behind those tasks that don't deserve your time and energy. 

Ruth-Ellen Henry,
Confident School

What we resist persists. On this laser focused program Get more Sales™ with ease I will impart my 7 figure generating knowledge, 20 plus years experience to help you implement strategies so you can go from an inconsistent ebb and go to a  flow of consistent business 


If you follow the steps and show me the homework but still get no results, I will refund 100% of your money. Not many coaching programs offer that 

Rounding Up What Your Get in Get More Sales™With Ease

Never again feel frustrated with yourself for not doing work that doesn't give you the results. 11 weeks of focused 1:1  coaching so you can bring in the results you want


11 Weeks Of  1:1 Coaching & Training, Including Unlimited Email Support

Weekly live calls to help you stay on track

We will get laser focused on these Lives  to really unearth and deal with your challenges head on. And in between our sessions you get access to me via email

“When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval. Putting a voice to your soul helps you to let go of the negative energy of fear and regret.”― Shannon L. Alder


Results Focused & Goal Alignment

Focusing on that one goal and one step to get you that big result

You don't want any result, you want a specific result first, but you need to focus on the right things, to see the abundance you want

Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them. Jack Canfield


Bite Sized Focused Customised Action Plans

Super easy to follow, super easy for you to complete

Your plans will be focused on a specific result based on your business. On our lives we will see how you implemented these plans. And we will only focus on the next goal when you are caught up

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. Earl Nightingale

Bonuses You Get in Get More Sales™With Ease


Increase Your Self Belief 

Super easy to follow, super easy for you to complete

Learn the foundational things you must be doing in order to increase your self belief in your ability to get things done!


28 Content Ideas + Ultimate Landing Page Checklist

Super easy to follow, super easy for you to complete

Only churn out content that maps to your sales cycle and make sure your traffic converts


Sales Funnel Checklist 

Super easy to follow, super easy for you to complete

It's the steps we miss that makes us fumble not the steps we are already comfortable at taking. Never fumble with this checklist


LifeTime Access To Get More Sales Habits ™ (Worth £294)

Super easy to follow, super easy for you to complete

With this 4 day Facebook Live experience recordings you'll get my system to increase discipline & productivity, which will result in you stopping the overwhelm and getting more stuff done! Plus the bonuses including the Get More Sales™Habits Affirmations (Worth £21) Affirmations that will challenge your thinking

One to One  Coaching

11 weeks of breakthrough sessions, to help you navigate to your getting more sales  from a 7 figure cash generating coach! Because you need straight strategy plus support

Value £3194

Session Support

24/7 Access to me via within our private FB group with a service level agreement time from me to reply within 24 hours. Support you want, support you get!

Value £1997

Planning Tools

Just bullet points of your actions, straight no chaser. Because there is nothing worse than talking through stuff that needs to get done with no actions behind it, so at the end of each session you will get one!

Value £1399

30 Day Guarantee

TOTAL VALUE = £8,187


Early Bird = £4997

Payment Plans Available

Early Bird  £4997 + 45 Minute Strategy Session (First 3)

Payment plans available upon application. Scroll below to book a Q & A session to find out more


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3 Users

5GB of Storage

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  • Bullet Point 1
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$12 / month

No credit card required.


Byline about this plan.

3 Users

5GB of Storage

  • Bullet Point 1
  • Bullet Point 2
  • Bullet Point 1
  • Bullet Point 2

$12 / month

No credit card required.

7  Payments of £197 via the payment plan

Get More Sales™With Ease

Normally £5999 - Today Only £4997

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See What Some of Our Previous Customers Are Saying:

Melanie WalkerWellness Coach

Overwhelm kept on taking over. I went on other coaching programs and just felt I wasn't being heard amongst the noise. I would get likes on questions I asked in the group coaching programs instead of solid direction and then I would feel lost and unfocused. These sessions really got me focused and action orientated. Ruth-Ellen helped me hone in on what I wanted. I made 17k over 60 days.

Helen Shaw Not for Profit Web Designer

I did everything the "gurus" said, posted on social media like a crazy person, kept on telling my message to my "ideal client" but it didn't work. So I was skeptical as to what value this program would bring and didn't want to waste any more money or time. But I am glad to say I was wrong, the clarity, focus and hand holding was exactly what I needed. Over 30 days I brought in 7k, it was easy with the strategies Ruth-Ellen showed me!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if i don't want to be salesy?

Nothing about my program is salesy! You will lean all about relationship win-win selling and overcome any beliefs that stop you from selling in the first place.

Is this a quick get rich scheme ?

No. This is a focused, put the hours, get some breakthrough sessions scheme. I don't believe in get rich schemes. 

I have taken sooooo many courses and have nothing to show for it. Is this one going to collect dust too on my digi shelf?

Firstly the reason why you have sooo many courses is because you have identified you need help, that is great. The reason why you didn't complete them is because you had blocks stopping you. This isn't a course, this is coaching, you get accountability and tough love so you reach your goals!

Why is it  over 11 weeks, what's the rush I like to take things slow, get to know you and like you, I thought you was about relationship building?

My sessions get straight to the point. You will have an action plan that you will work on with checkins every 7 days and access to me on email in between. If you want to work with me for longer than let's talk after you get the results! 

Enrolment Isn't Opened & You've Scrolled Down To The Bottom Huh?

If these breakthrough sessions are speaking to you, and exclusive private access to me, my support, guidance, hand-holding and arse-kicking for the next 6 weeks is EXACTLY what you need to make your business into a consistent client and cash generator, then let's chat if you still have questions....?? 

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