How To Stand Out Using Facebook Lives | Ecamm Live Review

How To Stand Out Using Facebook Lives | Ecamm Live Review

Just be you and you will stand out, ok mum pipe down!
If you really want to stand out, yes be you and add more you!


I am going to introduce you to some software that is a way for you to feel more at home when going live,  especially if you have crickets on your broadcast at times (let’s be real it happens).

What is Ecamm Live?

So, in a nutshell, Ecamm is a way to use your Mac to broadcast live on Facebook. Why would you want to go live on your Mac when you have your phone?

Well the benefits include:

  • The ability to add graphics and text overlays
  • The ability to play pre recorded video
  • A fantastic way to share your screen and still be heard in the background

Plus I like having my mobile as a device I can still use to check sound quality, add my sound effects and not worry about my tripod falling over and smashing my phone #truestory

Will Ecamm Live Make You A Better Broadcaster?

Define better?  It ain’t magic, I am still finding ways to improve my delivery style while staying authentic, yet still being very awkward #embracingwhoiam

So this isn’t about being entertaining, conversational, educating or being edutainment because that is something we strive to do daily. This is about using tools that are going to help you have a more interactive broadcast using the cost effective tool Ecamm.

So why would interactivity make you stand out on Facebook?

Well, we are visual creatures and instead of watching Netflix or Youtube people are choosing to hang out with you. You can visually show them your latest offer, visually share videos and just keep everyone engaged with various content all in one broadcast, boom!

Watch the replay of the Facebook live below to find out some of the capabilities of Ecamm Live


Ecamm Live Price

So with everyone using a subscription model for software as a service, I am happy to say Ecamm doesn’t do that. With you now have to pay a minimum of $12 per month but with Ecamm you pay $29 and that is it, no more money exchanges hands. I don’t know about you, but I think that is awesome.


Ecamm Live Updates

Erm can you say regular! eCam updates are as regular as a person who consumes prune juice #justsaying

So whether you use Ecamm or don’t, don’t tell me I didn’t share the good news, because I did!

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