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February & March Book Haul

  Check out my book Haul for February & March…I love a good book, most of my coins are spent on self-education, I read books to keep out of trouble. What book intrigues you the most? 🙂 Remember to like & Subscribe Here are the resources I mentioned: The Universe Has Your Back: A 52-Card Deck Unqualified The Inner Beauty Bible The Anxiety Solution: A Quieter Mind, a Calmer You How to Be Happy


How To Create A Complete System To Acquire & Retain Customers

Does your funnel have a hole in it? Do you know how to attract a customer but after the attraction stage, everything seems to fall flat? Are you getting likes, views, and engagement but little to no sales? Sometimes I believe we should all think like we are in startup mode. Because often time in scale-up mode we can become complacent and have big gaping holes in our processes. What happens when you don’t fix your funnel? I have many clients and leads that come [...]


?Stop Eating ?What People Are Feeding You ?

If you want to really start getting in the game (taking inspired action) and stop with trying to gain more head knowledge (the gear) then I need you to listen very carefully ?Stop Eating ?What People Are Feeding You ? ? 7 Days of Sales Mastery Day 2️⃣ — confidentschool (@confidentsch) August 15, 2017 1. Don’t apologise for being you I am not just a mom, I am an advocate of equality, truly believe that no man woman or child born with [...]


How To Stay Positive

Today we are talking about how to stay positive Take that look off your face Right now you’re probably thinking this  is about meditating It’s not. Even though meditating is awesome Especially the let’s keep it CS Honest Meditation* I created (*shameless plug) which is coming soon So here’s the thing… Negative shiz happens It does. There is no denying it. In fact to deny our negative emotions, to not acknowledge negative emotions, is actually bad for your well-being! Research has shown we need negative emotions in our life and we [...]


Are You Choosing Fear Or Love?

You don’t understand is what I  a workshop participant said to me. I was teaching how to Rock, dominate and get promoted and I kept on hearing excuses. My company doesn’t work that way – ‘the you don’t understand excuse’ My manager and I already had that discussion – ‘the I am already doing it excuse’ Oh, I understand. I understand excuses Excuses born out of fear I understand that you may know what to do, but you ain’t doing it Often time we pull back from [...]


10 Ways To Sell With Confidence [Warning: This Is More Fun Than It Sounds]

Transcription (kind of it’s not verbatim?): I believe selling starts and ends with confidence. When you sell with confidence you’re saying you believe in what you’re selling, you believe in YOU! To make sure I am confident I step outside of my comfort zone regularly. This pic is of me last week Friday (7th April) at my 2nd burlesque show where I created my own routine and performed in front of strangers. I would NEVER have performed burlesque before. ? I used to [...]