Problem Solving In Sales – 8 Quick Steps

Sometimes in business, we come across problems. Problems that we are too close to, which can end up with us feeling “stuck”. It is almost like a puzzle, where we can see all the pieces but we don’t know how to put the pieces in the right places so they make sense. One puzzle piece that I needed problem-solving, was how to deal with a horrible client.  I recall a period where I had a web design client through my social [...]


Fix up your Sales Funnel

In this episode of sales peak: My mini rant about Periscope (even though I am grateful for 1000 hearts in one stream) Why not everyone in your sales funnel is of equal value Why you need a push & pull method and how it decreases your sales cycle #getmoresales #sales Sales peak is about inspiring you to sell daily so you can confidently increase your sales performance to #getmoresales My bite-sized inspiration will help you stay confident consistently If you want to increase your sales [...]


How to Make Your Sales & Marketing More Effective

Lot’s of companies unwittingly help their sales and marketing team to work as separate entities rather than as a team. In the many companies, that I have had the pleasure of working with, there are often time us vs them type of scenarios going on. Marketing thinks sales people are lazy, sales teams think that marketing is clueless. Sales teams think marketing are ineffective, marketing things sales are stupid! In my Selling with Confidence programme, I work with businesses to overcome this,  so they [...]


How To Set Yourself Up For Sales Success

There are three things I am going to outline below so you set yourself up for sales success… 1.  Have a plan to pinpoint HOW you will achieve Sales Success I know it sounds basic. But basic works. When I was tasked to bring in £12m a quarter I wasn’t told how to do it verbatim, that’s why they recruited me. They trusted that if they gave me to tools I would be able to do the job. I was given [...]


3 Quick Ways To Fall Back In Love With Your Business #childsplay

Like a teenager that refuses to pull their weight when it comes to chores, a colleague who expects to reap the rewards with no return, your business can sometimes make you want to kiss your teeth at it. So let me jump into three ways to fall back in love with your business so that you are feeding positivity in to see positivity out ? 1. Fall back in love via Your Inner Rick Flair Write 50 ways why your [...]


Chucky, Bounce Rates & Sales

First of all, let me take you through the journey people are taking when they visit your site: The person comes onto your site hoping that the search engine description and title they saw in the search results matches the content on the page they have just landed on. And if it doesn’t meet their expectations (within 3 seconds or less) people jump straight off your site, this is called a bounce rate. Your job is to reduce these bounce [...]