How To Create A Complete System To Acquire & Retain Customers

Does your funnel have a hole in it? Do you know how to attract a customer but after the attraction stage, everything seems to fall flat? Are you getting likes, views, and engagement but little to no sales? Sometimes I believe we should all think like we are in startup mode. Because often time in scale-up mode we can become complacent and have big gaping holes in our processes. What happens when you don’t fix your funnel? I have many clients and leads that come [...]


How To Find Your Competitors Traffic Source

I am a people watcher I think officially it’s not called being nosey #judgeme, it’s actually called anthropology When I found that you could get paid for staring at people I thought “what I can get paid for this?” There is cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, social anthropology, you get the idea. Antrolopology is the study of various aspects of humans within past and present societies. I am actually #jobcrushing right now and thinking about my life choices, (yeah I know I am part [...]


How To Hit Your Sales Targets

How do you hit your sales targets? Is there a magic bullet? No, but there is a system In this video, I run through the specifics when it comes to hitting your targets so you stop avoiding failure & get more sales. Below is the summary of what I discuss in the video 1.  Get clear on what you want – Ask for the sale, if you’re not asking maybe you don’t want it 2. Find out what those obstacles are – How to overcome objections 3. [...]


Sales Belief, Are Your Beliefs Stopping You?

I wasn’t selling because my sales beliefs kept my vision blurry. What are sales beliefs? In a nutshell sales beliefs are the beliefs you have around selling. These beliefs are your truths. How you see the world. My lack of sales belief, or belief that I can sell my value was the only reason as to why I didn’t sell daily. My own sales beliefs had a huge positive impact on my sales performance in one area. But equally had a very negative [...]


How Do You Feel About Sales Funnels?

  ? Did you know over 79% leads that you’re collecting don’t result in sales due to lack of relationship building? ? Why go through all that nurturing when you never sell? How do you feel about the word sales funnel? I know, the word sales funnel is either over-used or you have no idea what I am talking about ? Either way, you’re so bored already…Let me explain why I am even bringing this subject up. I used to sell in business to business [...]

rejection in sales

Fear of Rejection In Sales? Bring it On!

You may be giving the fear of rejection in sales, too much power. Many people don’t like rejection, I like it, I like it a lot! I use the word many because after making over 100 calls a day and running a social enterprise I am used to rejection, almost immune. Rejection in sales to me is a good thing, at the end of this article, maybe you will see my point of view, perhaps you will agree (if not tell [...]