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? How To Be Consistent ?

Why did I decide to write a post about how to be consistent when I am not consistent. And here lies the problem. I am consistent I consistently go gym I consistently get up I consistently make food for my kids Consistently means something different to different people And that difference made me totally hate the word consistency My hate for consistency Honestly, I  used to dislike the phrase ‘be consistent’ or the word ‘consistency; it’s bandied around way too much. Almost like it’s the secret sauce that [...]

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4 Ways To Change Your Perspective

When we are stuck in a rut or have some challenges to overcome you can at times have a fixed perspective This fixed perspective can stop you from seeing the things you need to This perspective will not help you move forward So in the above video, I will be sharing with you 4 ways to change your perspective A post shared by Sales Coach | Ruth-Ellen (@saleswithruth) on Aug 25, 2017 at 3:34am PDT Change your perspective by taking a breath + pause – [...]


Attention Listeners ? What You Feed Your Mind Affects Your Vibe

“If you don’t pay appropriate attention to what has your attention, it will take more of your attention than it deserves.” ~David Allen ______________________________________________________________________ I literally only listen to positive music ?whether that is from a specific country ? artist to ambient meditation music, I get real picky about what goes on my playlist and only listen to certain Paramore songs. ? I don’t watch horror movies ? (Paranormal was a comedy btw ?) and keep friends with negative tendencies to a [...]


10 Ways To Sell With Confidence [Warning: This Is More Fun Than It Sounds]

Transcription (kind of it’s not verbatim?): I believe selling starts and ends with confidence. When you sell with confidence you’re saying you believe in what you’re selling, you believe in YOU! To make sure I am confident I step outside of my comfort zone regularly. This pic is of me last week Friday (7th April) at my 2nd burlesque show where I created my own routine and performed in front of strangers. I would NEVER have performed burlesque before. ? I used to [...]


Sales Belief, Are Your Beliefs Stopping You?

I wasn’t selling because my sales beliefs kept my vision blurry. What are sales beliefs? In a nutshell sales beliefs are the beliefs you have around selling. These beliefs are your truths. How you see the world. My lack of sales belief, or belief that I can sell my value was the only reason as to why I didn’t sell daily. My own sales beliefs had a huge positive impact on my sales performance in one area. But equally had a very negative [...]