How To Keep Your Productivity High!

Didn’t you hear we are in the lost decade for productivity Are we? Yes our productivity high has now gone, bye bye It is undeniable that social media has increased the sales buying cycle. Yeah I said it Back in the day, you weren’t looked at like a weirdo, accused of being scummy or inauthentic for simply selling.   Can you believe these are the words people use when it comes to the word sales? You would have thought you said you said something outrageous like [...]


A Shot ? of Confidence ? Episode 1⃣

Get the 7 pillars of confidence here >>> We doubt ourselves but we have stopped listening to ourselves follow the steps below to stay on your path and start listening to yourself again Your desires to fulfil your dreams have to be bigger than your need for drama, follow the steps, follow the page and let's make financial freedom a reality by getting more sales! #getmoresaales #confidentschool  #salestraining #accountability #focus #saleshabits A post shared by Sales Coach | Ruth-Ellen (@confidentschool) [...]


10 Ways To Sell With Confidence [Warning: This Is More Fun Than It Sounds]

Transcription (kind of it’s not verbatim?): I believe selling starts and ends with confidence. When you sell with confidence you’re saying you believe in what you’re selling, you believe in YOU! To make sure I am confident I step outside of my comfort zone regularly. This pic is of me last week Friday (7th April) at my 2nd burlesque show where I created my own routine and performed in front of strangers. I would NEVER have performed burlesque before. ? I used to [...]


Fear Shall Not Win!

Are you letting fear win? Maybe it’s time to be unapologetic about wanting more…. ?  What if there was something you wanted so badly that you stopped at nothing to get it. ? Imagine if you woke up every morning and went to bed every night totally obsessed with making it happen. ?  Imagine if you didn’t get it? ? Would you stop going for it? “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes [...]


Never settle for bad lemonade!

I was pregnant at 19 years old. Something mother dearest didn’t approve of so I was subsequently made homeless…fast forward 11 years later when I am not happy in my marriage and I tell my husband I need a break, husband dearest wasn’t impressed so he kicks me and our children out. When I moved into a new place my friend of 18 years needed somewhere to stay so I let her. My landlord didn’t like that and said I [...]


Possible Sales – The Word Impossible Doesn’t Exist in Sales!

Ammar Ali is a former carpenter who lost his legs in a bomb blast in Baghdad, but he claimed Iraq’s first ever Paralympic silver fencing medal “In the last six months I trained six hours a day to be here and it paid off”. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Vasyl Kovalchuk, who won gold in the mixed 10-metre air rifle, lost his right arm after a bear attack at a zoo when he was 11 years old. He fired his way to [...]