The Three Shifts You Need To Take To Get More Sales

  👀A Shot 🎯 of Confidence 🥃 Episode 4 – Have offers that are collecting dust and are not selling? We are going to talk about the shift that needs to happen so you can Get More Sales —————————————————— As part of my “90 Day To Self Mastery” program, I teach you how to s*** or get off the toilet so you can focus on the tasks that get you More Sales and stop doing that other stuff 😜If you want to stop pissing your life away [...]


Make a New Ending

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. Maria Robinson So it’s mock exam results time, teenagers across the UK are crying at the results they have just received. Yes literally crying (I am not being dramatic) 😥 They feel like they have worked their butt off and have little to show. 😥They feel like they have failed because they have sat down, focused and sacrificed there time studying relentlessly. 😥 They feel [...]


You Don’t Believe In What You’re Selling, That’s Why You Suck

That’s what I used to think when I used to put an offer out there and get crickets ? Crickets will mean I would RUN ?? (like someone was chasing me) towards overwhelm… I would run to the latest webinar I would run to the latest freebie I would run to the latest (insert here) _____ offer hoping that by watching, downloading, implementing it would fix my suckiness. It didn’t, all this would do would cause me more overwhelm… I would run to coaches that had similar solutions [...]


3 Steps To Winning In Sales

1. This video breaks down: The art of unmasking to power up and attract your ideal clients [bctt tweet=”We tell our inner child  to be quiet while listening to other people tell us who we are not” username=”confidentsch”] 2. How to create a lead generation system that 60% of businesses don’t do 3. How to cultivate the skill to close more business without shame Want strategies on how to use the right tools and how to get the right data for your business? or maybe you [...]


How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Your Messaging

With the power of your personal brand, you have the opportunity to influence your tribes buying decisions through the know like trust factor.  It’s a form of attraction marketing and helps to position you as the expert in whatever field you declare you’re an expert in. Personal branding through your messaging, which is essentially your beliefs, values and thoughts helps you to connect with people that want and need to hear your message without them feeling like you violated [...]