Author - Ruth-Ellen

How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Your Messaging

With the power of your personal brand, you have the opportunity to influence your tribes buying decisions through the know like trust factor.  It’s a form of attraction marketing and helps to position you as the expert in whatever field you declare you’re an expert in. Personal branding through your messaging, which is essentially your beliefs, values and thoughts helps you to connect with people that want and need to hear your message without them feeling like you violated [...]


?Stop Eating ?What People Are Feeding You ?

If you want to really start getting in the game (taking inspired action) and stop with trying to gain more head knowledge (the gear) then I need you to listen very carefully ?Stop Eating ?What People Are Feeding You ? ? 7 Days of Sales Mastery Day 2️⃣ — confidentschool (@confidentsch) August 15, 2017 1. Don’t apologise for being you I am not just a mom, I am an advocate of equality, truly believe that no man woman or child born with [...]


How To Keep Your Productivity High!

Didn’t you hear we are in the lost decade for productivity Are we? Yes our productivity high has now gone, bye bye It is undeniable that social media has increased the sales buying cycle. Yeah I said it Back in the day, you weren’t looked at like a weirdo, accused of being scummy or inauthentic for simply selling.   Can you believe these are the words people use when it comes to the word sales? You would have thought you said you said something outrageous like [...]


A Shot ? of Confidence ? Episode 1⃣

Get the 7 pillars of confidence here >>> We doubt ourselves but we have stopped listening to ourselves follow the steps below to stay on your path and start listening to yourself again Your desires to fulfil your dreams have to be bigger than your need for drama, follow the steps, follow the page and let's make financial freedom a reality by getting more sales! #getmoresaales #confidentschool  #salestraining #accountability #focus #saleshabits A post shared by Sales Coach | Ruth-Ellen (@confidentschool) [...]


How To Stay Positive

Today we are talking about how to stay positive Take that look off your face Right now you’re probably thinking this  is about meditating It’s not. Even though meditating is awesome Especially the let’s keep it CS Honest Meditation* I created (*shameless plug) which is coming soon So here’s the thing… Negative shiz happens It does. There is no denying it. In fact to deny our negative emotions, to not acknowledge negative emotions, is actually bad for your well-being! Research has shown we need negative emotions in our life and we [...]


Are You Choosing Fear Or Love?

You don’t understand is what I  a workshop participant said to me. I was teaching how to Rock, dominate and get promoted and I kept on hearing excuses. My company doesn’t work that way – ‘the you don’t understand excuse’ My manager and I already had that discussion – ‘the I am already doing it excuse’ Oh, I understand. I understand excuses Excuses born out of fear I understand that you may know what to do, but you ain’t doing it Often time we pull back from [...]