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How To Find Your Competitors Traffic Source

I am a people watcher I think officially it’s not called being nosey #judgeme, it’s actually called anthropology When I found that you could get paid for staring at people I thought “what I can get paid for this?” There is cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, social anthropology, you get the idea. Antrolopology is the study of various aspects of humans within past and present societies. I am actually #jobcrushing right now and thinking about my life choices, (yeah I know I am part [...]


How To Hit Your Sales Targets

How do you hit your sales targets? Is there a magic bullet? No, but there is a system In this video, I run through the specifics when it comes to hitting your targets so you stop avoiding failure & get more sales. Below is the summary of what I discuss in the video 1.  Get clear on what you want – Ask for the sale, if you’re not asking maybe you don’t want it 2. Find out what those obstacles are – How to overcome objections 3. [...]


? How To Be Consistent ?

Why did I decide to write a post about how to be consistent when I am not consistent. And here lies the problem. I am consistent I consistently go gym I consistently get up I consistently make food for my kids Consistently means something different to different people And that difference made me totally hate the word consistency My hate for consistency Honestly, I  used to dislike the phrase ‘be consistent’ or the word ‘consistency; it’s bandied around way too much. Almost like it’s the secret sauce that [...]

change your perspective

4 Ways To Change Your Perspective

When we are stuck in a rut or have some challenges to overcome you can at times have a fixed perspective This fixed perspective can stop you from seeing the things you need to This perspective will not help you move forward So in the above video, I will be sharing with you 4 ways to change your perspective A post shared by Sales Coach | Ruth-Ellen (@saleswithruth) on Aug 25, 2017 at 3:34am PDT Change your perspective by taking a breath + pause – [...]


How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Your Messaging

With the power of your personal brand, you have the opportunity to influence your tribes buying decisions through the know like trust factor.  It’s a form of attraction marketing and helps to position you as the expert in whatever field you declare you’re an expert in. Personal branding through your messaging, which is essentially your beliefs, values and thoughts helps you to connect with people that want and need to hear your message without them feeling like you violated [...]


?Stop Eating ?What People Are Feeding You ?

If you want to really start getting in the game (taking inspired action) and stop with trying to gain more head knowledge (the gear) then I need you to listen very carefully ?Stop Eating ?What People Are Feeding You ? ? 7 Days of Sales Mastery Day 2️⃣ — confidentschool (@confidentsch) August 15, 2017 1. Don’t apologise for being you I am not just a mom, I am an advocate of equality, truly believe that no man woman or child born with [...]