About Me

My name is Ruth-Ellen & while going through a divorce, having a friend who I had known for 18 years abandon me,  plus homelessness I couldn’t focus on work,  and I got fired.  I couldn’t even look after myself let alone my two children. I had too much head stuff going on and didn’t believe I had much to offer the world (my self-worth was at an all-time low). After deciding I had enough, I decided to rely on my faith. What does relying on faith actually mean?

My breakdown to breakthrough…

Well for me my faith meant taking the following actions…

? I started volunteering for a homeless charity, started a dyslexic community.  I figured focusing on helping others was better than feeling sorry for myself.

? I started doing a lot of inner work on myself and I hired a coach to help with self-mastery.

? I tried a lot of things, failed, succeeded, failed again until….

? I taught myself how to code websites, I learned about user experience, which led to building own digital agency which supports dyslexics and people on the ASD spectrum.

?  I invested in public speaking training, coaching certifications, marketing certifications, social entrepreneur training.  I knew the woman that once sold £120m in new business was still in there

? I got my sales mojo back, after being fired from my last job and feeling like a loser,  I sold over 5 figures of web design packages. I worked with SMEs ranging from services selling travel vaccinations to recruitment, to weight loss. Plus I was awarded social impact funding and support.

I now run the Confident School, it’s all about helping business owners to get more sales. They get confident selling, which helps them to focus on their social impact mission instead of worrying about the bills. Selling is not a dirty word around here, it is an essential component of a business.

I started Confident School to help others unleash their inner Maverick (AKA the highest version of themselves) and as a ripple effect start selling who they are, what they do and the value they bring with unapologetic confidence.

So how do I believe I can help you?

Well, the truth is I may not be able to help you. Because we may not be on the same page, so play along with me….

Imagine we met at Costa Coffee (they do better muffins than them, other guys). We have sat at the table and I get straight to the point (I am pragmatic & direct that way) and the conversation goes a little like this…

(Me) Great to meet you, thanks for getting in touch with me through my website. So how do you believe I can help you with your sales?

(You) I imagine you say something amazing?

(Me) Awesome, your clarity is amazing, thanks for sharing that, so based on what you just said tell me what are the three words you want people to feel like when they engage with you?

(You) I imagine you say something even more amazing ??

(Me) Great, such emotive impactful words.

So here’s a little about my beliefs. I believe you get out what you put into life. I believe that not everyone will run a business that converts to sales. Because not everyone wants to do the work, if you are looking for me to do your work for you,  I can’t work with you….

As this is because I believe:

1. Your business is for life and not just for Christmas, it isn’t just a shop window but an amusement park with the best rides around. You have to decide what clientele you want queuing up then you have to participate in the experience,  so you can build the lifestyle you want which derives from YOUR monthly aligned goals.

2. I know my worth and it doesn’t go up and down whether you choose to work with me or not. Because I give you real value that comes from my certified coaching background, public speaking, £120m sales background, website/app coding and marketing experience. Value is given from the touch point of interacting with my brand, more so if you work with me on a 1-to-1 basis. If I choose to work with you I expect you to utilise my time in the most productive manner possible and have processes in place to make this easy.

3. If I decide to take you on board as a client, then I commit to making sure your goals are met through the extension of your amusement park.   However, if something breaks down (9/10 it’s communication) we need to work together to make sure everyone is ready to get their hands dirty so everyone can enjoy the ride.

Now you know how I work, what I do and why you should care. It’s your time to make a decision. Choose the option below that best helps you at this point of time and if I sound like the type of person that can help you get more sales and we can see if we have chemistry <img class=” /> (You) Book A Complimentary Call