What Sales Help Do You Need?  This Isn't About Me It's About U

rejection in sales
Does this sound like you:
  • Do your current​ sales number suck big time?
  • Would you like a lot less busy and a lot more sales?
  • Do you often feel like jacking it all the f*** in when no one buys from you, even though you know it's a no brainer and will help them transform?
  • Are you tired of being the best kept secret to your ideal clients

Then it is time to stop p****** your life away, it's time to stop doing tasks that don't give you the return on investment and it's time to start making some money!  

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Ruth-Ellen,Get More Sales Coach

“I believe some people are out of alignment, they want sales but then say they hate the word sales. These same people don't even tell people HOW people can buy their solutions or have products/services people can BUY in the first place .
I am the 'Get More Sales Coach'
because it's the end goal I get my clients & the results I focus on.
If you want to get more leads and have more sales conversations that lead to the sale than click the button below, because it ain't going to click itself!

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Working with Me Using The Sales Training 4U Framework, We Cover:





About Your Coach & Consultant: Ruth-Ellen

I have generated £120m in sales working in B2B. From admin assistant to top selling sales person in less than a year. I have over 20 years working in sales, am a certified marketer.  I can only tell you my results, the results that have helped me to serve my clients better. Results that have resulted in clients having five figure months. But this results come to the few that want it enough to work what they have!

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Why is it only 2 Hour Strategy Session?

Why not? Committing to 2 hours really tells me how serious you are about resolving the sales issues in your business.

If you're willing to truly focus and invest in the 2 hours together than each session will delve deep to uncover what YOU need. I will impart my 20 years of knowledge, but most importantly listen to YOU and uncover what YOU need help with. If you want further help to in acquiring more sales then we will discuss that on the call, but there is no obligation, sound good?

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