Unleash Your Inner Maverick!

Confident School helps purposeful CEO's, to be equipped, empowered & to connect with their higher self, so that they become unapologetically confident when it comes to all things to do owning their personal performance & sales!

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Want To Unleash Your Inner Maverick?

Maya Angelou was once quoted as saying "My circumstances may change me, but they will never reduce me." Wherever you go, there you are! And your circumstances/your environment may be different but you're still you!

So experts try to mould you into them, which is so wrong for many reasons, this quick quiz accepts and celebrates you, where you are right now and helps you to help you identify your Sales 'Maverick' Archetype so you can master your sales, and grab some resources specific to leveraging your archetype to start to unleash your 'Inner Maverick'

Want More Qualified Leads That Lead To More Sales?

  • Do your current sales number suck big time?
  • Would you like a lot less busy and a lot more sales?
  • Do you often feel like jacking it all in when people
    say no to your offers?

Then it is time to stop wasting your life away, it's time to stop doing tasks that don't give you the return on investment and it's time to start making some money! Book a call to get clarity and your own personal roadmap for success.

Want To Learn What Is Currently Working?

80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts, what new experiments/projects  are running that are giving you greater ROI?

Learn about the tools that help leverage competitor insight and see what social media channels are helping them to drive traffic to their website

Find out what complete end to end system to acquire a customer and then to actually delight them so they shout & rave about you from the rooftops. Plus much, much more...

We believe that sales starts and ends with confidence, we equip our clients with the tools to gain that confidence to sell, so they take imperfect action daily while funning it up (yes it's a word, because I said so) and see sales in their business consistently

Ruth-Ellen, founder of Confident School

Welcome to Confident School, the sales training and sales coaching company where we equip (not fix) you with the tools to unleash your inner Maverick & generate sales so you go from exhausted to energetic. Because there is no transformation without implementation. Learn aligned driven, results focused strategies, because let's face it, life is too glorious to be spending every waking minute trying to earn coins.

We live in a world which is so fast paced that right now as you read this another advancement in technology has been discovered. Someone else is pushing their agenda in your email or Facebook inbox. It can be exhausting trying to keep up with what you "should" be doing, what you "should" be learning and what you "should" be earning. All this should is full of judgement and other people's opinions and can really take a toll on a persons ability to show up, aka be confident consistently.

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